Resin Inspiration: Joujou's Art & Design

Resin Inspiration: Joujou's Art & Design | Woodberg

Joujou's Art And Design | Epoxy Resin Palestine Artist Inspiration

In this article, we will introduce you to an uprising artist that is becoming fairly known with her unique touch and creative ideas in the epoxy resin field.

Stick with us and see what Georgette have to say about her self ,with this two minute read article.

Who Is Joujou's Art And Design?

Joujou's Art And Design - Epoxy Resin Palestine

 A proud, professional Palestinian artist that is specialized in many creative custom and handmade epoxy resin artwork creations. 

How I started with Epoxy Resin?

Joujou's Art And Design | Epoxy Resin in Palestine | Resin Artist

My passion for painting, drawing and love of the interior design; Inspired me to start on my own and try to create this kind of artwork.

When I got acquainted with epoxy resin, I fell in love with it, as it became my new passion for art. At first, I had to learn more about what is epoxy resin and how to work with it, and what exact products I need to make my first piece of art.

I watched tutorials and read hundreds of articles, met new female resin artists all over the internet and made friends with them. As time passed.. I shared mutual experience with all of them and learned from the professionals themselves!

What Is My Inspiration For Resin Art ?

Epoxy Resin Palestine - Geode Crystals - Joujou's Art And Design

My inspiration is driven primarily from the beauty of fluidity, natural glam, power of the ocean and geode formations, and creating my own hand made stunning pieces of art that you can not be replicated or found anywhere but at my growing workshop.

With some resources and my own inventions, I was able to create my own creative designs and methods, that way, I'm creating luxurious artwork that many of my customers love and want to keep forever!

My resin pieces are modern, artistic, and simply beautiful in a creative way. In addition to wall art, I also create functional long serving pieces, such as boards, coasters, trays, and many more decorative pieces like the examples shown below.

Wood epoxy resin cutting board - Made in PalestinePurple Epoxy Resin Coasters - Made in PalestineStone imitation custom made epoxy resin trayCrystal Clear Epoxy Resin - Crystallized Tray

All of my creations are manually handcrafted with food grade safe epoxy resin, high-quality pigments, and luxurious materials such as crystals, quartz and precious stones.

Order Your Custom Made Coasters Today

Palestine Epoxy Resin Artist: Joujou's Art And Design
Since the tastes are different, at Joujou’s art and design I make each piece in size, shape and color according to your ideas, so it fits perfectly into your own style and suits your home decor.

To check my latest creations and epoxy resin handicrafts, or order your custom made ideas. Make sure to visit my Facebook page: Joujou's Art And Design.

Shop from Joujou's Art And Design Epoxy Resin Coasters and more!

Or Simply visit and shop from my collection page on Woodberg Following this link: Joujou's Art And Design Collection Page.

Thank you for reading!

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