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Ultra Clear Epoxy Resin 750 ml

Original price ₪95 - Original price ₪95
Original price
₪95 - ₪95
Current price ₪95
We offer a high quality factory sealed clear epoxy resin product available in the Palestine market, a German product that we also work with in resin accessories and river tables.
We recommend using this epoxy resin product with mica powders and resin color pigments.
Suitable for all DIY projects with a fair price.

Key Properties of Ultra Clear Epoxy Resin System

  • Ultra High quality, EASY TO USE.
  • High Transparency 100%.
  • No bubbles! with correct usage.
  • No Strong Smell any more!
  • Great results within 12hours.
  • Withstands temperatures of 57 ° C after pouring and drying.
  • Little to no yellowing  - up to 80% (prefer to use with colors).
  • Fracture and cracking are non-existent.
  • For indoor usage.
  • Maximum pour thickness is 2 cm.

Factory sealed products ensures you get the best life time quality of our epoxy resin products.


Part A: 500 ml.

Part B: 250 ml.

Mixing Ratio:
100 A : 50 B

Warnings/ Instructions:

  • This product is Food Safe and Europe EMA Approved, which means its non toxic after hardening. 
  • Solvent and VOC FREE.
  • Please keep the resin bottles sealed after first opening.
  • Please ware gloves and face masks when using this product: May cause Eye/ Skin irritation or allergic reaction.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Store in a dry place with a temperature of 22 Celsius.


Don't know how much resin you need for your resin art project? Use our Resin Calculator.


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Ultra Clear Epoxy Resin 750 ml

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Ultra Clear Epoxy Resin 750 ml