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Blast Effect Resin Cells

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Blast Effect is a new innovative way to add a more artistic look to your colored epoxy resin or acrylic pouring projects.

Tiny amounts on wet non hardened resin and you will be making a stunning resin art piece, let it be cells, ocean waves or many other ideas!


You can use the plastic spray can for tiny resin cells effects or simply remove the lid and enjoy BIGGER CELLS EFFECT!

 Key Properties

  • Safe to use and user friendly
  • Non-Toxic
  • Odorless
  • Creates CELLS!


  • 50 ml.

PLEASE NOTE Blast Effect was developed and tested in our work shop on our Crystal Clear Epoxy G Resin and Mica Metallic Pigments, and a few other epoxy resin/ acrylic pouring colors. As a result we are not able to provide technical advice for any other brands that are not sold/ provided by us.

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