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How to clean epoxy resin silicone molds

How to Clean Epoxy Resin Silicone Molds

After finishing any stunning epoxy resin project, all you are left with is an amazing piece of resin but a dirty, sticky silicone mold. And no matter how you try to keep your resin molds clean either from resin or dust, but it's always dirty.

Cleaning resin molds is cost effective and can extend their life span.

How to Clean Resin Molds?

There are a few yet effective ways you can use to clean epoxy resin silicone molds, you can use these methods as many times as you want before and after working with epoxy.

Cleaning Molds Before Usage

Starting your resin project with clean molds is mandatory, even when buying new molds; cleaning them before using gets you rid of dust and unwanted particles so you always produce a high quality finish piece. 

Let's see how you clean silicone molds before using them:

 Use a soft brush

Silicone molds in general can be easily cleaned with a soft brush or a make up brush, a tool that is available at your home at all times (make sure it's a clean brush).

Use warm soapy water

When starting a new resin project, make sure that the resin molds are clean. If you already cleaned them before and want to use them again, it is best to clean them once more; because the molds may look clean but there might be unseen dust to the eye. Warm soapy water makes the silicone molds surface smooth, flexible which enables you to remove any previous stuck resin to the mold and prevents dust from gathering on the mold. *Don't use hot water, only warm water.

Use tape

Clean the mold with the sticky side of the tape and it will get rid of any dust, mica, glitter. Fast and easy and also easily available everywhere.

How to Clean Molds with Uncured Resin

Ever made a resin piece but forgot to follow the proper instructions and you ended up with a tacky honey textured uncured resin? No worries, we suggest you to follow the methods below to get rid of it.

Freeze the mold

We suggest you to put the silicone mold in a freezer, a few hours will help the uncured resin pop out easily. Make sure to wrap the silicone mold in a separate sealed plastic bag to prevent it from polluting the food in the freezer. When you remove big chunks, use the previous methods to get rid of the rest.

Pros ✔️

  • Our most favorite method.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Uncured resin when frozen can be removed easily from the mold.
  • It won't damage the silicone mold. 

Cons ❌

  • Takes a few hours.
  • Sometimes the resin wont freeze easily

Use alcohol wipes

We found that alcohol wipes such as MEDIWIPES is a very efficient and fast way to clean silicone molds cured or not. Repeat the process until the mold is fully cleaned like the image bzelow

How to Clean Molds with Cured Resin

Cleaning silicone molds when resin is fully cured is probably the easiest and fastest way.

Warm soapy water, alcohol wipes are our favorite ways to get the resin molds clean fast and easy, always works like a charm.

Woodberg's Tips 💡

-Always clean silicone molds before and after using them.

-Store the molds in clean plastic bags after finishing from using them.

-Keep silicone molds of all types away from direct sun light.

-Never stack silicone molds above each other.


All silicone molds, including resin molds and any other materials requires special care and storage. You can increase the life span of your silicone molds and use them more times than you ever expected with a good care routine.

Let's get the most of what we love


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